Talent Concept

"Honest, responsible, do work and pragmatic, and pursuit of perfection" is the basic principle to choose the employee, let these accords with or after exercise that accords with a condition after the people working in ansorg is satisfied, is to practice "concentrate, dedicated, specialized in the process of" concept, basic premise. We know: a dissatisfied employee to enterprises may not be stable, and even less of a stable all team would not mention to the cause of the heart. Therefore, we have been working on how to construct the harmonious relationship between employee satisfaction with the positive efforts to explore.

We think "honesty" is the first condition construct a satisfactory and harmonious relationship between the enterprise and employee , we hope every new and old employees working in Ansorg is true and honest and can be passed timely to the company including policy, system, treatment, welfare and promotion and development space and colleagues, subordinate relationship etc, all kinds of satisfaction, maybe we could not fully meet the requirements of all employees, but our commitment when we listen seriously to each employee demands, can with the same sincerity and honesty to answer and clear all employees, including when the appeal by what way realization, and the reson and factor when and why it doesn't come ture etc.

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